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Remodeling Your Room into an Indoor Garden

Remodeling Your Room into an Indoor Garden

Remodeling Your Room into an Indoor Garden

The Future of Gardening and Plant Care

Interior gardening is quickly becoming prominent in this fast-paced modern life, and it’s not difficult to figure out why. For example, combining a live edge table with the right lush green plant can look stunning so it’s worth hunting out opportunities to bring your garden indoors – even in the smallest of spaces. 

Studio units and shared lodgings can make it hard to find an area for growing plants and flowers. It usually ends up making space appear even smaller. So you might opt out or completely if you don’t have a patio or yard to put potted plants on. Even when you have your own bedroom, a house full of people will keep you from setting up your own garden if you don’t know how to start it off.

Remodeling Your Room into an Indoor Garden

But don’t quit just yet! We’ve put together a handy list of strategies from top florists and gardeners to help you create your own interior garden and freshen up your house. Here, you’ll find out the fundamentals of container gardening. You’ll discover the best plants to for indoor gardening, like succulents and year-round greens. 

Uncover the future of gardening and plant maintenance from the pros and turn your room into an indoor garden!

Container Gardening 101

Want to get started on your indoor garden but do not know what to purchase or how to even start? What canisters and soil should you buy? Where should you set your plants? How do you identify which plants are most ideal for your cramped space? How should you place your plants to make the most of the space in your room?

Pretty sure you should start off with container-type gardening but don’t know how? No worries! Straight from the finest professional florists and horticulturists, here’s a rundown of essential pointers for container gardening 101.

Start small.

Just like any new hobby, you should always start small. Kickstarting your own indoor garden is definitely not an exemption!

Get a couple of compact potted plants and put them in a place you can always see them. In this way, you get to keep an eye on their growth. Plus, since they’re always in your line of sight, it will help remind you to take care of them.

(For good measure, however, we have a rundown of beginner-ready plants! These flourish well and won’t die on you if you accidentally neglect them for a day or two.).

Pick plants good for the light levels you have.

Evaluate your apartment (or room, if you’re sharing space with people who may not want plants in common areas). Figure out which areas get the best amount of light at any point in the day. Examine the general amount of light your room gets.

South-facing windows frequently get lots of direct sunlight or. Others may only have shaded, indirect beams of the sun. In any case, there are loads of plants that will flourish in either setting and will work great for your indoor garden.

Put plants on often overlooked places.

There is never a space too small to grow your own garden plot, and the experts agree with us. Here are some tips from the very best florists and gardeners on maximizing every corner of your room to create a greener home.

Insert plants in the corners of your furniture, not beside or on top of it. Some popular examples are inserting potted plants in holes in the center of dining tables as a centerpiece. You can also use shelf inserts as natural locations for your pots and compartments.

Windowsills and fire exits are another excellent option for setting your plants in. This is perfect specially for those who stay in a busy city.

One unusual, but unexpectedly fitting space would be your bathroom. It’s best to set them on your shelves. You can also buy some suction cups to make portable caddies for plants on the wall.

Use your balcony, communal garden, and outdoor spaces with care. A terrific way to do this is making one square foot plant boxes and letting different herbs and greens thrive in it.

Optimize your windows by designing a plant hammock. This will hold up rows of your potted plants and provide steady exposure to natural light. Bonus – you won’t need to stress over watering them in the rainy season!

Grow up, not out.

There are multiple ways to grow a garden indoors from the ground up. It’s essential, though, to ensure that you get the most room for your plants in whatever area you have. Make best use of your space with these pointers from the [city]’s experts.

Buy multi-tiered pots to accommodate multiple plants or herbs at the same time. You can also craft your own with tin cans or pots by adding holes at the bottom. This will allow the roots to drain out. and ,then stack them for simple but elegant styling.

Put up a vertical plant rack on your wall to hook individual pots and cans for your plants. This is also a great way to make the most of your space!

Plant perennials and all-year round plants.

This is more of a standard rule with rookies to the art of gardening. But it’s all the more applicable to those who wish to have a garden inside their home. It might be a while before you master seasonal plants and the different types of maintenance for a range of plants. So it’s best to stick to those that thrive and bloom all year long.

Buy plants to freshen up your house.

Adding plants in your bathroom is a good way to begin your indoors garden. But did you know they can do a lot more than that?

Special sorts of plants also clean the air from toxic chemicals and suck in the humidity from your warm showers. These are perfect for keeping you cool and refreshed after a tiring day. As a perk, since they’re likely to get sprayed with water in the shower, you don’t need to bother watering them!

These plants could also go in common living areas to help filter the air. Several of them are so fragrant they can also serve as natural air fresheners for your place.

Top Plants for Indoor Gardening.

Both rookies and professional gardeners need to learn what plants are beginner-friendly. This way, you can guarantee your indoor garden blossoms with life. 

From greens to succulents to small flowering plants, here is a list of the best plants for indoor gardening.

  • Snake Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Ficus Plant
  • Aloe Plant
  • English Ivy
  • Jade
  • Succulents
  • Spider Plant
  • Rubber Tree
  • Areca Palm

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