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Foundations of Outdoor Living

Transforming Your Backyard to a Relaxation Hub

Just completed setting up your lawn and lawn? Reinvented your lawn for the nth time this year? Running out of ideas on how to take advantage of the space in your backyard?

Whatever it is, don’t worry. We get it!

Your yard doesn’t have to be only an area packed with lawn beds and plots. It doesn’t even need to be lines of potted plants and flowers. Yes, you read that right.

Foundations of Outdoor Living

In fact, you can spruce up your backyard into anything you want it to become! 

First, we help you through picking what sort of space you want your lawn to be. Then, we help you out on certain equipment and materials you need for your outdoor living space. 

Whatever you want your yard to look, we got your back. We will give you everything you need to revamp your backyard!

You’ll get a lineup of the basics of outdoor living, straight from [city]’s best gardeners and florists. Transform your lawn and area into your very own relaxation hub!

Interested in getting a formal program on gardening? Want to get authorized as an expert on everything in the field? Check these professional bodies and colleges in gardening and floristry:

the American Institute of Floral Designers of the AIFD (

the National Gardening Organization (

the American Floral Endowment (

the American Horticultural Society (

You can also look at other schools offering courses on floristry and horticulture.

Figuring out the Backyard’s Function.

Your lawn is a fantastic place for you and your family to rest and relax in.

You can organize barbeque cookouts in the summer. You could put together playpens or playgrounds for your kids and pets to run around in. You can have relaxing lounges and seats by a warm fire in the winter. We mean it – whatever you want!

Have a small yard? No problem!

No matter how large or cramped your yard may be, there are lots of ways you can renovate your lawn. Make your backyard into the perfect area for some R&R, gatherings, and playtime.

Summer BBQ Parties.

Are you fond of holding cookouts for reunions with friends and distant relatives? Is cooking meat and barbeques a hobby for you and your family? Whatever the case, you can certainly renovate your lawn for that!

Transform your backyard into the best place to hold summer BBQ parties!

Intimate Candlelit Dinners.

Are you a hopeless romantic at heart? Do you like having intimate dinners under the starlit skies with a home cooked dish and soft, warm lights?

Your backyard is the perfect place for it!

Whether it’s for you and your spouse’s wedding anniversary, or a day to get some time together, we got you.

With the perfect set of tables and chairs, you’ll have the best dinner setting for a romantic date – all without going out!

Warm Fires in the Cold Winter.

Fond of soaking up the outdoor breeze at any chance you get? Invest in a fireplace!

Make a devoted area to light up a flame to prevent you from freezing over if you don’t have the funds for it. You could even set up logs to act as seats around the fire.

Fond of family movie nights? Put together a secured area with cushions, blankets and pillows and a screen. Enjoy chill movie nights in the chilly winter breeze!

Rest and Leisure.

Do you like relaxing with the cool breeze in your yard? Do you enjoy taking in the warm rays of the sun? You got it!

Renovate your lawn to be the perfect spot for rest and relaxation after a long, tiring week. All you need is a soft chair, some great cover for sunny days, and small tables for your book or steaming mug of coffee.

Build the perfect space to soothe away your troubles and stress – right in your own lawn!

Playgrounds and Play Pens.

Do you have toddlers crawling and walking all around the house? Do you have household pets running circles in your lawn?

Or worse – both? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Renovate your lawn into a personalized playpen. Set up a swing set, a slide or a sandbox with toys – or all of it, whatever floats your boat. You could even have your kids to help you set up a tree house with you for more fun!

Whatever you choose to include, it will be awesome for your kids and pets to play in. They’ll even get to indulge in the warm afternoon sun.

You’ll get to make an amazing dream playground right in your backyard!

Selecting Your Lawn Furniture.

Regardless of what you want your yard to be, there are a few things you should buy to start the process.

Here is a list of things you can have to make your garden cozier, comfortable. With these essentials, your place will be a lot more like your own hub away from the busy roads and noise of the city.

  • Lighting.
  • Grills (Gas & Charcoal).
  • Benches, Chairs and Seating.
  • Fencing & Hedges.
  • Decking.
  • Porches.
  • Heaters.

Basic Ways You Can Transform Your Lawn.

You’ve decided on what you wish to see when you go out into your backyard. You’ve also picked out what things you want to install and place in your lawn and patio.

What’s next?

We’ve found that lots of people usually find it handy to have a reference to base their layout and designs from. Now we’ll start you off with a several basic designs for your garden.

Photo by Holly Mandarich